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EK Jewelers Vintage Ring

Vintage jewelry comes from jewelers who valued utility, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. I scour shows looking for the most unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to bring home to you at EK Jewelers in northeastern Wyoming.

Why I LOVE Vintage Jewelry, and you should, too!

I believe that vintage jewelry has so much life and history—and if you dig history. When I look at a piece from the Edwardian era, I think of elegance and sophistication. These are intricate, handmade pieces that hold the end of an era in the British Monarch.
So much heart and soul was put forth in making jewelry from different eras. The tools jewelers had back then are nowhere near what we have now! The jewelry that you see today that is “vintage inspired” is created on a computer CAD program, which means a computer is designing and often molding the piece. Back then they didn’t have computers or maybe not even the intense microscopes needed for intricate work—they used their hands to create those tiny, intricate, and delicate designs. That says so much about a piece, the artist, and the wearer!
The love and care put into those jewelry pieces is unreal. And each era was inspired by events that were happening and shown in the styles. Those artists had something to say and show for themselves!

Why EK Jewelers Sells Vintage Jewelry

I sell vintage jewelry because they have so much life left in them. Vintage jewelry can still be worn and help to create new memories and be in new families.
Everything has history, but most things fade or get destroyed through the years. I believe that vintage jewelry is one of the only things that still holds its value!

Don’t wait too long!

Vintage jewelry doesn’t last long enough for me to put the pieces on the website. If you want something unique, you’ll need to see me at an event or schedule an appointment with me.
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